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Hallufix sole with mobile pad

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The Hallufix sole is a very thin, flexible sole covered with felt coating on the upper side. A red cushioned pad is attached to it. The special feature is that this pad can be moved as required. This redistributes the pressure on the sole of the foot and supports the arch of the foot. The application is very simple. The sole is cut to size if necessary and inserted into the kybun shoes. The red padding is placed according to the indication.

Solution for persistent complaints despite elastic and springy ground

There are some clinical pictures and ailments where the kybun shoe can often not be worn without complaints even in the long term. This concerns e.g. Morton's neuroma or extreme foot malpositions. Without the Hallufix sole, it is possible that the shoes will wear off unilaterally in the long run or that the gait pattern will not improve despite «kybun training». Here, the Hallufix soles can help.

Optimization of the actual state

You may be very satisfied with your kybun shoe and your complaints have diminished. However, the gait pattern still has room for improvement or a foot malposition is still visible. Especially during long tours or hikes, this can lead to overloading and associated pain in the feet or joints. In this case, it helps to support and relieve the affected structures during longer city tours or hikes by inserting the Hallufix soles into the shoes.

Helpful for a variety of indications
  • Morton Neurom / Metatarsalgia
  • Forefoot pain
  • Splayfoot
  • Tingling / falling asleep / numb toes
  • Bending / lowering foot / flat foot
  • Hallux Rigidus


  • The soles can only be used with closed shoes, because they could slip in sandals and lose their effectiveness.

  • The soles should not be used without a reason, but only for «customers with an exceptional medical history», if there are problems in the kybun shoe or the initial reactions are too big. 

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